Friday, 21 October 2016

                 A letter to the Almighty

Dear God,
               Though this is a letter, I am not following the conventional method. It took me more than fifteen minutes of pondering to decide this. For, I consider you like my friend and I have no idea who I am to you. So the usual formal or informal confusion was a little stronger today.
You might be wondering who I am? Well, no offense god, I am just a human that you sent to earth nineteen years ago. Do you remember me? Perhaps not, as I have not yet accomplished anything worth remembering (I hope you will recognize me the next time I write to you).

Next, you might be wondering why I posted this letter on my college blog if this was meant to you. Well, technology has improved a lot here on earth. If this is the advancement in a place where lazy humans thrive, then I am quite sure you too have a network connection and a pretty efficient gadget to check all this. And considering that you haven’t provided your email ID to anyone here, this is the best way. And you need not worry about who is going to read this, as this is a very deserted place. And trust me, very few are going to read this.

Let me now move to the reason for writing this letter. People here (including me, no one is perfect) are too busy doing nothing that they have no time to even think of using their potential. There might be something inside us that you made, some kind of bio matter, which caused this sloth like behavior. See, I know you are a busy man, but just dwell over this topic for a minute and tell me the teensy little thing that went wrong. Some people here have managed to overcome this 'slothy syndrome '(we call it neologism here) and they contributed excellently to our advancements. Some are under privileged to overcome this syndrome and some are just ignorant about it. If all of us can overcome this syndrome then, dear god, it will be a heaven on earth situation, and your habitat will not be the only heaven.

I am not asking you to change us. It’s actually a suggestion. Today onwards when you are making new members of our kind up there in heaven, do consider this. Try to make them immune to this disgusting Slothy Syndrome. Someone dear to me has said “it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live”, after doing a bit modification on this quote without the permission of its owner I will say “it does not do to dwell on your mistakes and forget to live”. We just want the next generation active and energetic by all means. You please try to make them the perfect kind, for it would be easier for us. Because, a majority of our team here on earth considers it the best, and perhaps easier to modify our kids than try and change ourselves.
Thank you for reading this dear god. Just keep all this in mind. We all love you dearly and we hope for the best. See you soon (oops! I don’t want to see you that soon), I meant I will write to you soon.

With love
Your child
Salini kollath

Wednesday, 5 October 2016


                   AWAY FROM A THOUSAND DREAMS

Away from a thousand dreams,
A land for spirits to thrive.
Not one seer, with her ream’s
Dirty inked blot, would dive
Deep into her virgin tale.

But here a girl,
So like me is in her fraught flight.
Raven eyes, flying Black till her hip,
Eyes frozen as it saw
Again a wasted fallow.

Golden leaves may bow to death,
On Autumn’s whispering chants.
Blooming roses, can they shed?
On spring’s fragrant breeze,
From a distant lawn’s love.

No more of his praising stares,
Nor again a crimson a cheek,
Gone with wind, her flowery scent,
That lingered once in this vale,
All at once a dream half-seen.

The Curves, The Poise, The Smiles,
All now shadow of nothingness.
Chirpy chatters hushed so soon,
And her desires drown deep
Before it ever felt the clouds.

Tears dried down, smiles blossomed,
Smoke and soot dirtying again,
Wools are prized as deftly
Fingers broke the trapping ice,
Far she was still, failing a thrill.

Behold those candour heads,
Set your eyes can you?
Here, filthy rules of death
Slanted away forever,
Dream and Hope beware!

    - Salini Kollath

Monday, 2 February 2015


  “Everything Changes, except the word Change” is the very famous quotation by Herald Clitus. We cannot avoid changes in our life. ‘WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?’ is one of the best examples for how we react against ‘Change’. The book ‘WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?’ is written by world known writer Dr. Spencer Johnson. Dr. Spencer Johnson is an international bestselling author. His best sellers, including five other books in the One Minute Series- the One Minute Mother, The One Minute Father, The One Minute for Yourself, The One Minute Sales person, The One Minute Teacher, Yes or No.
                There are four imaginary characters depicted in this story- the mice Sniff and Scurry and the little people Hem and Haw. They are representing the simple as well as the complex part of our selves, regardless of our age, gender, race or nationality. These four characters are living in a Maze and looking for Cheese to nourish them and make them happy. Every day they spent time in the Maze by looking for Cheese.
                 When they find cheese in the cheese station C, they took cheese from there every day. It’s became a routine for them. The story twisted in the absence of cheese in the cheese station C. The little mice Sniff and Scurry can adapt change quickly. They are ready to change quickly. But at the same time Hem and Haw couldn’t believe that there is no cheese, because of quick change Sniff and Scurry found new cheese in cheese station N. Hem and Haw waited for the old cheese and after many days they realized that the old cheese will not return. At that time Haw wrote on the wall reads- ‘If You Do Not Change, You Can Become Extinct’
                 Then Haw started to search new cheese and after many difficulties, he found the cheese in cheese station N. While Hem didn’t make any move, he just waited for old cheese.
                   This is a very light reading book takes less than an hour to read, but it’s influence change our life and help us to led a successful life with less stress.
Here ‘cheese’ is a metaphor for our aim or goal in life. What we want in our life is metaphorically represented as Cheese. It can be a good job, money, health or loving relationship. The Maze is where you look for what you want. Your office, your family, your society, whatever it can be.
                         By saying this book got end “Be Ready to Change Quickly and Enjoy It Again & Again, Accept & Attain It”

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Thasneem Janna


Oliver Barrett IV and Jennifer ‘Jenny’ Cavilleri are from entirely different backgrounds.
Privileged Oliver is the son of a wealthy businessman/barrister whereas Jennifer is a working class girl whose father is a baker. Despite coming from two different worlds, they met and fell in love. They got married inspite of Oliver’s father being vehemently opposed to their union. As a result, Oliver is disowned by his father and cut off from his inheritance. Determined to make it on their own, Jenny works as a private school teacher to pay for Oliver’s law studies. After becoming a lawyer, Oliver moves to Newyork city with Jenny. Soon after, they discover that Jenny has a fatal illness, with a short interval to live.

Farsana T